St Francis October 4th Bulletin Announcement


St Francis robed himself in excess, only to find that lifestyle lacked authenticity. Whether he fought for power or lived in the echelons of the elite, emptiness prevailed.  In embracing simplicity, each petal of creation to the marginalized living outside the walls of society’s acceptance, was he able to unravel the door to his soul.  Removing the clutter of excess possessions, elitist mentality and indifference to God, his soul absorbed the radiance of peace, hospitality and compassion.  The embrace of simplicity — found in the ordinary — changed St Francis from dwelling on himself to the needs of others.  How can we journey in the footsteps of St Francis and shed one selfish attitude or possession? Will we stop gazing in the mirror of self-absorption and lock our sight on defilement of creation, leading to action?  In faith, will we venture to tame wolves of mistrust in challenging dialogue?

St Francis, thank you for being our mentor. Pray for us.

Collect Memorial for St Francis: “O God, by whose gift Saint Francis was conformed to Christ in poverty and humility, grant that, by walking in Francis’ footsteps, we may follow your Son, and through joyful charity, come to be united with you…”



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