Where is the Water? Where is God?

Where is the Water? Where is God?

The water may appear far off in the distance, the sparkling Pacific. Yet the water is so close. Unseen but vigorously flowing a stream separates the ravines. Not visible, yet so near, only known by the sound of rushing water…but only if we get our of our pods, venture to the edge of the ravine, be still, quiet and listen.

So too is our embrace of God. To get out of ourselves, seek and in the quiet listen to the movements and calling of God waiting to refresh our lives. God is not far off, over yonder, but the paradox of unseen yet in our midst.

Ash Wednesday: Stuck or Surrender


Ash Wednesday: Stuck or Surrender

Are we stuck on the shore? Keeping us from the refreshing mercy of God to wash over us? On our Lenten journey, may we explore what keeps us stuck so we can surrender into the mercy of God. Maybe we have freed ourselves from major anchors that kept us from knowing God, His embracing love, but what small pieces of bent emotional and spiritual rebar keep us so close yet stuck so far from the infinite mercy that could refresh our spirit, free our hearts and give us peace to become transformational presence in our world?

After Mass on Ash Wednesday, I meandered up Pacific Coast Highway and stopped to pray and read on the beach near Point Dume. Unlike rocks and pebbles that freely flowed with the tide, this concrete rock was anchored to the shore by a small piece of rebar embedded in the sand. A larger piece of rebar had broken off, so the major impediment was gone. Even with the recent storms and heavy waves, the small rebar left the rock from embracing the refreshing waves.